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This is SLUG's debut album release. Recoded in the later part of 2014 with 13 tracks to sizzle your brains!
There are only select tracks from the album on this bandcamp .
If you want to hear the full album you can purchase the CD from


released April 10, 2014



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Track Name: Class War
Verse 1.
Society led by the silver spoon view, take what they want its their world view.
Children are living with poverty, struggling to pay for food they need.
Some something sleep in the gutter, criminalising the homeless and make them suffer.
Making us believe we all live free making us believe we’re in a democracy.

Robbing the poor
Taking our land
Protected by the rich
We gotta make a stand

Verse 2:
Stealing our future taking our homes , making us dry and picking our bones.
Say that we’re equal we’re in this together, they are the ones pulling our tether.
something politicians big business bosses, they take the profits while we take the losses.
Track Name: Extremist?
(verse 1)
Cut up, diced up, burned in their eyes.
Spat at, thrown about and then they die

Used as abused and thrown in the bin.
Sold and bought and fur ripped from skin

Protect, protect, protect the weak
Protect, protect those who cannot speak.

Protect, protect, protect the week
Protect, protect, those who cannot speak.

(verse 2)
Sentient beings suffering in silence
Freedom destroyed nothing but violence

We're not extreme, we're not in the wrong
For standing for freedom stand tall stand strong
Track Name: Blue Blood
Verse 1:
Upper class Tory scum
Attacking you like a submachine gun
Leaving you with nothing left
It's nothing less than fucking theft

Filthy rich, dirty money
When you fall they'll find it funny
They'll never know what it's like
Doing all they can to stop a strike

Theyre holding us fucking back,
selling their blue blood crap,
destroying all we know,
It's the tory blue blood show


Verse 2:
Private school, ponce in blue
We can all see right through you.
Eccentric twat hiding behind that
When in power the walls will crack.

One rule for them, one rule for us.
upper class in power, we can never trust.
Don't come near, stay away from me.
Until your're dead, we'll never be free
Track Name: Humanity First Britain Second
A breed of hate,
A breed of destroy

Britain's new force
A force of the old

Fighting for change
A fascist regime

Christian soldiers
Oppose them you burn

(Pre chorus)
Humanity first, Britain second. X4


Stand up and fight back, fuck the far right.

Defend all colours and creeds, not just the white.

Politicians are the ones to blame, let's send em up in flames,

Stand up and fight back...fight for antifa
Track Name: W.M.D
Verse 1

Turn on the TV and out it trots
High definition pure brain rot
A diluted diet of stale non truths
Masquerading as reality’s news

Flip the page and they’re in sight
Today’s scapegoats in black and white
Framed and aimed at our hearts and minds
There’s so many doors our enemy’s behind

(Drum break bit)

There they glow in neon lights
And in mags that tell us what we like
Distorted images and corporation views
Trust me, believe, kill and consume

Reality is fiction a glorified depiction
TV dinner another bowl of deception
A diet of lies to keep stars in our eyes
Dumb down, dilute, desensitise


For....their....weapons... of.... mass...